• 2018 Individual Tax Organizer

    This form is fillable so that you can complete and then either print or save & email it to us. This is for those who will need tax preparation using any of the 1040 forms.

    2018 Corporation Tax Organizer

    This form is fillable so that you can complete and then either print or save & email it to us. This is for those who will need tax preparation for an 1120/1120S corporation.
  • January 2019

    • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
    • 1st Quarter 2019 Due Dates

    December 2018

    • IRS Delays Changes to Form W-4
    • IRS Makes Changes to Taxpayer Transcript Requests
    • 2019 Social Security Wage Base and Nanny Threshold
    • New Rules for Like-Kind Exchanges Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
    • ‘Tis the Season of Gifting

    November 2018

    • Relief Victims for Hurricane Florence
    • Tax Strategies to Consider Before Year-End

    October 2018

    • 4th Quarter 2018 Due Dates
    • Expensing Assets Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
    • Are You Paying Yourself Correctly as a Shareholder of an S Corporation?

    September 2018

    • Outsourcing Payroll? Payroll Taxes are Still YOUR Responsibility!
    • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Update

    August 2018

    • Postcard-Size Form 1040
    • Physical Presence No Longer Required!
    • Small Business Financing
    • Are Your Earnings Subject to Self-Employment Tax?

    July 2018

    • 3rd Quarter 2018 Due Dates
    • Simplifying the Tax Code Causes More Complexities!
    • Face-To-Face Networking

    June 2018

    • Employing Youth
    • Tax Deductible Vacations?

    May 2018

    • Are You Ready for 2018?
    • Statute of Limitations
    • It’s Time for a Checkup, a Paycheck Checkup That Is!

    April 2018

    • 2nd Quarter 2018 Due Dates
    • Personal Returns: Need More Time? Unable to Pay?
    • Barter Transactions

    March 2018

    • Tips for Paying Estimated Taxes
    • Businesses Will Be Affected by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act!

    February 2018

    • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – How Does It Impact You?
    • 2018 Filing Season Begins!
    • Season of Risk – Protecting Clients and Their Data

    January 2018

    • Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
    • 1st Quarter 2018 Due Dates

    End Of Year - 2017

    • Latest Developments in Tax Reform Under the Trump Administration
    • 2017 Year-End Moves for Individuals
    • 2017 Year-End Moves for Business Owners

    December 2017

    • Keeping Your Data Secure in a Dangerous World
    • The IRS Will Enforce Health Coverage Reporting on 2017 Returns
    • Social Security Administration Announces Increases for 2018
    • Tips for Individuals on Deducting Charitable Donations

    November 2017

    • Relief for Hurricane Victims
    • Tax Considerations for a 2017 Roth Conversion
    • Partnership Late Filing Relief for 2016 Returns
    • Partnership Audit Rules

    October 2017

    • 4th Quarter 2017 Due Dates
    • Padgett Proposes Idea to the IRS to Further Combat Identify Theft
    • Are You Paying Yourself Correctly as a Shareholder of an S Corporation?

    September 2017

    • Let’s Play!
    • Community Involvement is Crucial for Growth
    • Why Did I Have to Give a Copy of My Driver’s License to My Tax Preparer?

    August 2017

    • FICA Wage Base Not Affected by Change in Ownership
    • Tax Tips for Uber Drivers
    • Rental Property Held as Tenant-in-Common
    • Delegation is Crucial for Small Business Owners – Part 2

    July 2017

    • 3rd Quarter 2017 Due Dates
    • Deducting Refinancing Costs
    • Delegation is Crucial for Small Business Owners – Part 1

    June 2017

    • Summertime Child Care Expenses May Qualify for a Tax Credit
    • Deducting Casualty Losses
    • Alert to Parents Who Hire Their Children

    May 2017

    • Keeping Access to Your Records
    • Statute of Limitations
    • Tax Deductible Vacations?

    April 2017

    • 2nd Quarter 2017 Due Dates
    • Need More Time to File Your Personal Return?
    • What If I Can’t Pay My Taxes?
    • Common Business Management Mistakes

    March 2017

    • Tax Filing Penalties Are No Joke!
    • Payroll: Updating for the Current Year
    • Avoiding Direct Deposit Woes
    • Fate of the Affordable Care Act

    February 2017

    • 2017 Tax Changes and Notices
    • 21st Century Cures Act Eliminates IRS Penalty on Employer Reimbursements for Health Insurance

    January 2017

    • New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners
    • 1st Quarter 2017 Due Dates
    • Attention Students: Form 1098-T is Required!

    End of Year - 2016

    • How Does the Trump Administration Impact 2016 Year-End Planning?
    • 2016 Year-End Moves for Individuals
    • 2016 Year-End Moves for Business Owners

    December 2016

    • Impact of the Affordable Care Act for Tax Year 2016
    • Changes to ITIN Program Due to PATH Act
    • ‘Tis the Season of Gifting

    November 2016

    • IRS Will Hold Refunds on EIC and ACTC Until February 15th
    • Are You Paying Yourself Enough?
    • New Due Date for Filing Forms W-2/W-3 and Form 1099- MISC.
    • Overtime Laws Are Changing in December

    October 2016

    • 4th Quarter 2016 Due Dates
    • Employer Contribution to Employee Education
    • Deductions for Business Use of Telephone
    • Protecting Your Small Business Against Cybercrime

    September 2016

    • Padgett Business Services® Celebrates 50th Anniversary
    • How You Can Achieve Success Starting a Small Business
    • Reporting Rental Income

    August 2016

    • Get More From Your Tax Preparer!
    • Gain from Sale of Small Business Stock May Be Excluded From Income
    • Keeping Good Records is Key to Deducting Business Expenses

    July 2016

    • 3rd Quarter 2016 Due Dates
    • Overtime Pay Laws Are Changing!
    • Prepare for Summer Storms!

    June 2016

    • Are Retirement Plan Distributions Subject To Withholding?
    • Employing Youth
    • Prepare for Summer Storms!

    May 2016

    • Employer Provided Cell Phones
    • Like-Kind Exchanges
    • What Happens After I File?

    April 2016

    • 2nd Quarter 2016 Due Dates
    • Avoiding Direct Deposit Woes
    • Padgett Backs Small Business Healthcare Relief Act
    • Successful Project Management

    March 2016

    • Tax Filing Penalties Are No Joke!
    • Reporting World-Wide Income
    • Recordkeeping for Employers and Independent Contractors
    • Hiring Consultants

    February 2016

    • 2016 Tax Changes and Notices
    • The Importance of Saving Early
    • Highlights of the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015

    January 2016

    • 1st Quarter 2016 Due Dates
    • Do I Have to File a Gift Tax Return?
    • New Year’s Resolutions for Small Business Owners

    End of Year - 2015

    End of Year 2015

    December 2015

    December 2015

    November 2015

    November 2015

    October 2015

    October 2015

    September 2015

    September 2015

    August 2015

    Auctust 2015

    July 2015

    July 2015

    June 2015

    June 2015

    May 2015

    • What if I Can't Pay My Taxes
    • Employee Retention Strategies
    • Statute of Limitations
    • Should I Panic if I Receive an IRS Notice?

    March 2015

    • Special Tax Benefits for Members of the Armed Forces
    • 2015 Filing Season is Underway
    • What to Look for in a Tax Preparer!

    February 2015

    • Highlights of the Tax Increase Prevention Act of 2014
    • 2015 Filing Season to Open January 20th!
    • Be on the lookout for your Form 1095-A

    January 2015

    • Taxpayers Can Use Electronic Signatures When E-filing
    • 1st Quarter 2015 Due Dates
    • Possible Delayed Start to Tax Season
    • Using the Simplified Method for Home Office Deductions
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